Quiz1_2008 - ____________________ . 2. [1 point] (a) List...

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CSE 3213: Computer Networks, Winter 2008 Instructor: Natalija Vlajic Time Allowed: 15 minutes Quiz 1 Student Name: ______________________________________________________ Student Number: ______________________________________________________ 1. [1 point] There are n devices in a LAN network. What is the minimum required number of cable links in this network, assuming: (a) The network is of bus topology . Number of required links: _________ _ __________ . (b) The network is of ring topology . Number of required links:
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Unformatted text preview: ____________________ . 2. [1 point] (a) List one advantage of circuit-switching over packet-switching. (b) List one disadvantage of circuit-switching over packet-switching. 3. [1.5 point] Answer each of the following two questions in at most two sentences. (a) What are headers and trailers ? (b) Where do they get added and removed? 4. [1.5 points] What is the difference between a physical address , a network address , and a domain name ? Describe each in one sentence!...
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Quiz1_2008 - ____________________ . 2. [1 point] (a) List...

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