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ee606_s04_hw5 - EE 606 Spring 2004 Homework 5...

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EE 606 Spring 2004 Homework 5: Recombination-Generation Processes 1. Solve problems 5.5, 5.6, 5.9, and 5.10 from the textbook. 2. Also solve the following problem - In the lecture, we discussed that at equilibrium there is a detailed balance between electron capture from the conduction band into the traps (Eq. 5.2) and electron emission from the traps into the conduction band (Eq. 5.6) (There is similar detailed balance between hole capture and hole emission). To emphasize the point that such detailed balance is a general concept and can be used even when no traps are present, let us work out the following problem involving electron relaxation from conduction band of a semiconductor into a bound level of a quantum well -- Read section B of the paper “The Effect of Carrier Capture on the Modulation Bandwidth of Quantum Well Lasers,” by M. Grupen et al . in IEDM Tech. Digest, p. 609, 1993 (posted on the web). Draw the conduction band and valence band diagrams assuming that a small band-gap material (called quantum well
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