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ECE604 HOMEWORK SET 5 Solutions Posted Friday, October 8, 2004 Problems are from Ramo, Whinnery and Van Duzer, 3rd. ed. (RWV-D) where indicated. 1. RWV-D Problem 3.3b. 2. RWV-D Problem 3.3g. 3. RWV-D Problem 3.4. 4. RWV-D Problem 3.5a. 5. RWV-D Problem 3.9b. 6. The instantaneous expression for the magnetic Feld intensity of a uniform plane wave propagating in the = y -direction is air is given by H = ˆ z 4 × 10 - 6 cos(10 7 πt - k 0 y + π 4 ) A / m (a) Determine k 0 and the location where H z vanishes at t = 3 msec. (b) Write the instantaneous expression for E . (c) Describe the polarization. 7. The E -Feld of a uniform plane wave propagating in a dielectric medium is given by E ( z, t ) = ˆx 2cos(10 8 t - z/ 3) - ˆy 2sin(10 8 t - z/ 3)(V / m) (a) Determine the frequency and wavelength of the wave.
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Unformatted text preview: (b) What is the dielectric constant of the medium? (c) describe the polarization of the wave. (d) ±ind the corresponding H-Feld. 8. A 3 GHz, y-polarized uniform plane wave propagates in the + x-direction in a non-magnetic medium having a dielectric constant 2.5 and a loss tangent 10-2 . (a) Determine the distance over which the amplitude of the propagating wave will be halved. (b) Determine the intrinsic impedance, the wavelength, the phase velocity, and the group velocity of the wave in the medium. (c) Assuming E = ˆy 50sin(6 π 10 9 t + π/ 3) V/m at x = 0, write the instantaneous expression for H for all t and x ....
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