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Art and Anthropology

Art and Anthropology - iii Architecture agriculture...

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Art and Anthropology 1) What is art? a) “what we think is pretty” 2) Anthropology and Art a) Classification and technique 3) Art as Ritual a) Art can be view as a ritual, both in creation and in appreciation b) Scheme that it follows (repetitive) c) Symbolic – reflects some sort of ideology 4) Aesthetics a) Every culture has a notion of aesthetics. Are there universals? b) Universals? i) Bilateral symmetry ii) Forests, lakes, animals (America’s most wanted)
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Unformatted text preview: iii) Architecture, agriculture, children, lake, animals (France’s most wanted) 5) Mean in Art: Symbolism 6) Iconography 7) Meaning in art a) Art often changes after the concept of text is introduced 8) Authenticity a) What does it mean for art or culinary arts to be authentic? 9) Hybridity vs. colonization 10)Functions of art a)...
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