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Unformatted text preview: HIST 1301 Frederick Douglass Assignment 50pts Questions: -Answer ALL of the following questions. Treat each question individually and make sure to indicate the number of the question. Use complete sentences and paragraph form when answering the questions. Please use 12 font and double space your paper. 1) Describe the role of the autobiography in the abolitionist movement (introduction of Narrative). Why was authenticity so important to Douglass? What steps did he take to prove the authenticity of his story? 2) Why was literacy so important to Douglass? Why did slave owners strictly forbid the education of slaves? How was Douglass able to achieve an education? 3) How does Douglass attempt to engage the sympathies of his audience? 4) What role did religion play in Douglass’s life? In his owners lives? What events in his life did Douglass attribute to divine Providence? Why? 5) Several times in his Narrative, Douglass expresses his view that slavery is harmful to both slaves and their owners. Describe the changes Douglass noticed in his mistress, Mrs. Auld, due to the introduction of slavery. In what ways was slavery detrimental to Southern society? H î n·ª( H î n·ª( 2P 5 • ¸ ª ( 0 3H î n · ª ( 4H î n · ª ( N 5 P 5 •¸ª( H î n·ª( à Á X ·ª ( à Á X ·ª ( ÐYHE à Á X ·ª ( à Á X ·ª ( 0 0 H5•¸ ( Ï Úµª( á U ò Pn ) N 0 0 ZHE á U ò Pn ) N I I H P Ï Úµª H5• @[H ÐYHE à Á X ·ª ( 0 H5•¸ H Ï Úµª( ...
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