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1. Phantom of Opera

1. Phantom of Opera - led in a tense and fast paced manner...

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Phantom of Opera Luckily, the National Tour of the Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantome of the Opera launched as our first week of excitement started. Ill-literate in art literature, it was first time that I learnt that the opera was first written as a novel. It was a great honor for us to see Tim Martin Gleason, who had completed record-setting longest running Raoul in American history, playing the role of Phantom. His tenure voice was one most powerful voice filling the theatre. Trista Moldvan’s dramatic intonations when sang “All I Ask of You,” almost made my eyes tearful. When I watched the show, I heard from my colleague that it is more boring than the movie. Previously, having fallen asleep watching the movie, I assumed that the show might as well be boring. But when I was in the theatre, I could not dare to waste time on blinking. The opera was
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Unformatted text preview: led in a tense and fast paced manner that unless watched with keen eyes and opened ears, it was easy enough to loose the track of conversations. One of most fascinating scene I thought was on his the Phantom drags Christine into his cage. Special effects along with high technology made the boat on the nightly river, movements of boat almost flawless. As I read about the show later, I learnt that the show was originated formatted in the early 20 th century. Early 20 th century musical works often show drastic play of rhythms to express the full fluctuations of emotions. In retrospect, to me, Christine’s role of uncertainty in love and insecure belief in herself reflected most Modernist’s characteristics of insecureness in their work and their identity as the exploitation of cultures created many new movements in the same era....
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