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York University Faculty Science & Engineering Department of Computer Science & Engineering AK/AS/SC/CSE 3311.03 Fundamentals of Data Structures Instructions for class tests and, except for length of the examination, instructions for the final examination. It is suggested you familiarize yourself with the instructions. Instructions 1. This is a closed book examination. No examination aids are permitted – no calculators, telephones, etc 2. All questions are to be attempted. 3. Answer each question in the space provided. 4. Each question is evaluated on the York University letter grade scale A+, A, . .., D, E, F. 5. Where descriptive answers are requested, use
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Unformatted text preview: complete sentences and paragraphs 6. All programming and mathematical work is to include comments explaining what you are doing. 7. Wherever appropriate, use diagrams to enhance your answers. 8. If a question is ambiguous or unclear then please write your assumptions and proceed to answer the question. 9. You may write in pencil but class tests written in pencil are not re-evaluated. 10. The test time is approximately 75 minutes (class test), 3 hours (final examination). Ques Max Mark 1 9 _____ 2 9 _____ 3 9 _____ 4 9 _____ 5 9 _____ Total _____ Letter grade _____ Number of questions can vary...
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