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Version 1.0 – 2008 March 13 - 1 - CSE 2011 Fundamentals of Data Structures Report 3: AVL trees Due: Thursday, April 3, 4pm Where: CSEB 2032 1 Main points Be sure to read and follow all the guidelines from the links on reports and academic honesty from the WWW home page for the course. The specification is the union of this document plus the program text you are given. 1.1 Learning objectives Binary search trees AVL trees 1.2 To hand in Hand in the following items as a package in the following order. This is what is evaluated. The electronic submission is not looked at unless you have handed in the report with appropriate listings. 1. Cover page – see assignments from the course web page 2. – Section 2.1 3. – Section 2.2 1.3 Electronic submission Before the deadline, submit a directory called report3 that should contain all java files for the system. No other files should be submitted. To submit, use the following command on Prism: submit 2011 r3 report3 . Files cannot be deleted – the submit command can only add or replace files – so be very careful to clean up your directory before any submission. While you can develop your system on your personal computer, be sure your system will compile and execute on Prism. 1.4 To get started
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report3-spec - Version 1.0 2008 March 13 CSE 2011...

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