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2001a3 - 4 Use the dropbox near the main oFce to submit...

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COSC 2001: Introduction to the theory of computation Assignment 3 (Released March 23, 2006) Submission deadline: 4 pm, Apr 5, 2006 1. The assignment can be handwritten or typed. It MUST be legible. 2. You may do this assignment individually or in groups of two. If you work in a group, hand in only one copy of the solutions. 3. Submit this assignment only if you have read and understood the policy on academic honesty on the course web page. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the instructor.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Use the dropbox near the main oFce to submit your assignments. No late submissions will be accepted. Question 1 [5 points] Problem 4.10 on page 183 of the text. Question 2 [5 points] Prove that a 2-stack PDA is equivalent to a TM Question 3 [5 points] Problem 4.19 of the text. Question 4 [5 points] Question 3.14 of the text. 1...
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