assignment02 - CSE2001 Fall 2006 1 Assignment 2 Due Friday...

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Unformatted text preview: CSE2001, Fall 2006 1 Assignment 2 Due: Friday, October 13, 9:00 am Instructions • You may work on this assignment in pairs. Each pair should hand in a single set of solutions. • The front page of your solution set should include the following information: your name(s) and student number(s); a list of students with whom you have discussed the problems; a signed declaration stating “I/We have read and understood the policy on academic honesty on the course web page”. Without this declaration, your solutions will not be marked. • The solution set should be clearly handwritten, or, better, typed (if you type, you can draw diagrams and pictures by hand). Solutions that, in TAs opinion, are unreadable will receive 0. • If you do not know the answer, clearly indicate so, and outline your attempt at the solution. You may get partial credit if you were on the right track. Please do not write nonsense in the hope that TA will be too lazy to read through it – this will get you 0. Problems Problem 1 (20 points total) For each of the following languages design a DFA that recognizes it. Explain the meaning of the states in your DFA. Describe your DFA formally by giving the 5-tuple notation for your automaton, with the transition function expressed as a table, and draw the transition diagram for your DFA. All languages are over Σ =the transition diagram for your DFA....
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assignment02 - CSE2001 Fall 2006 1 Assignment 2 Due Friday...

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