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notes ch 5 persuasion - reason for discounting...

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Social Psych ch. 5 Persuasion - Central route to persuasion: occurs when interested ppl focus on the arguments and respond w/ favourable thoughts o Strong arguments -> persuasion likely o Weak arguments -> counterargue o * attitude changes that “stick” - Peripheral route to persuasion: occurs when ppl are influenced by incidental cues, such as a speaker’s attractiveness o Superficial and temporary attitude change - Credibility: believability. Expert and trustworthy - Sleeper effect: delayed impact of msg; occurs when we remember msg but forget a
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Unformatted text preview: reason for discounting it-Attractiveness: having qualities that appeal to an audience-6 Persuasion principles o Authority: ppl defer to credible experts o Liking: ppl respond more affirmatively to those they like o Social proof: ppl allow example of others to validate how to think, feel, and act o Reciprocity: ppl feel obliged to repay in kind what they’ve received o Consistency: ppl tend to honor their public commitments o Scarcity: ppl prize what’s scarce-...
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