457 Ch8 Quiz in Textbook

457 Ch8 Quiz in Textbook - c Exploiting technology in a new...

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Chapter 8 Quiz 1. ____________ is designed to obtain as much margin per unit as possible and also enables the company to recover its new product investments and more quickly. a. Penetration pricing b. Odd-even pricing c. Skimming d. Prestige Pricing 2. New-to-the-World products can be defined as a. True innovations that are new to the firm and create an entirely new market b. A product category that is new for the company introducing it, but not new to customers in the target market c. Existing products that are targeted at new applications and new market segments d. Items providing improved performance brought out to replace existing products 3. Improving or revising existing products, additions to existing product lines and cost reductions aim at achieving which of the following objectives? a. Capitalizing on distribution strengths b. Maintaining position as a product innovator
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Unformatted text preview: c. Exploiting technology in a new way d. Defending a current market-share position 4. Which of the following marketing programs is used by the niche penetration strategy to increase the customers’ ability to buy? a. Moving relatively quickly to expand offerings to appeal to multiple segments b. Offering free trial or extended warranty policies to reduce target customers’ perceived risk c. Attempting to maintain margins at level consistent with value of product to early adopters d. Starting with high price but bringing out lower-priced versions in anticipation of competitive entries 5. ________ is the simplest way to enter a foreign market because it involves the least commitment and risk. a. Exporting b. Countertrade c. Franchising d. Overseas direct investment...
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457 Ch8 Quiz in Textbook - c Exploiting technology in a new...

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