457 Ch10 Quiz in Textbook

457 Ch10 Quiz in Textbook - segments c Relatively high...

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Chapter 10 Quiz 1. What is true of the transition from market growth to maturity? a. Often accompanied by a shakeout, during which weaker businesses fail b. Almost always followed by a period of competitive inertia c. Often begins after the product has been introduced d. Characterized by competitors underestimating future sales volume 2. The quality dimension of ________ refers to a customer’s ability to obtain prompt and competent service when the product does break down a. Serviceability b. Reliability c. Brand equity d. Durability 3. Identify the market characteristic that affirms growth extension in maturing markets through application of an extended use strategy a. Insufficient competencies to preempt underdeveloped applications segments b. Relatively heterogeneous market with a variety of
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Unformatted text preview: segments c. Relatively high penetration but low frequency of use in one or more major segments d. Relatively low penetration in one or more segments 4. To develop differentiated position focused on untapped segments using a market expansion strategy, a firm should a. Encourage larger volume purchases for nonperishable products b. Stimulate additional primary demand by promoting new features c. Develop a differentiated flanker brand with more appealing unique features d. Move storage of the product closer to the point of end use by offering additional package sizes 5. In a mature market, what should a firm’s customer priorities be? a. Gain market share b. Seek technological dominance c. Gain new customers d. Hold on to existing customers...
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457 Ch10 Quiz in Textbook - segments c Relatively high...

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