457 Ch11 Quiz in Textbook

457 Ch11 Quiz in Textbook - c. Indicate the progress the...

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Chapter 11 Quiz 1. The Internet makes it possible for marketers to reach customers directly, without the expense or complication of distribution channels. This phenomenon is known as a. Disintermediation b. Customization c. Network externality d. Really simple syndication 2. In which stage of the consumer experience process does cash flow from the producer to the consumer? a. Product delivery b. Product return c. Customer support and service d. Customer insight 3. Conducting marketing research online must be done carefully. Which of the following is NOT a useful guideline for successful online research? a. Design surveys to take less than 30 minutes to complete b. Place open ended questions at the beginning of a survey
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Unformatted text preview: c. Indicate the progress the respondent is making toward completing the survey d. Do not ask questions that only brand-users can answer 4. Which controversial system gauges a customers desire to buy, measures his means, and sets the price accordingly? a. Dynamic pricing b. Click-stream c. Digital signature d. Permission marketing 5. Involves companies carefully considering which burdens they can remove from the customer, using new-economy technologies, and which customers can perform, assessing costs and benefits to both parties a. Disintermediation b. Paid inclusion c. Coproduction d. Affiliate schemes...
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457 Ch11 Quiz in Textbook - c. Indicate the progress the...

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