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457 Ch12 Quiz in Textbook

457 Ch12 Quiz in Textbook - design a Product management b...

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Chapter 12 Quiz 1. Which of the following relates to shared programs and synergy for a low-cost defender? a. Little synergy in areas central to differentiation- shared programs elsewere b. Relatively little synergy – few shared programs c. No synergy – no shared programs d. High level of synergy and shared programs 2. What does centralization refer to? a. The location of decision authority and control within an organization’s hierarchy b. The degree to which formal rules and standard policies and procedures govern decisions and working relationships c. The degree tow which organizations emphasize the managing of business processes in contrast to functional areas d. The division of tasks and activities across positions within the organizational unit 3. Identify the simplest and most bureaucratic organizational design
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Unformatted text preview: design a. Product management b. Market management c. Matrix d. Functional 4. Identify the statement that relates to the market management organization a. A product manager has overall responsibility for planning and implementing a national marketing program for the product b. This form is the least bureaucratic or centralized and the most specialized type of organization c. This is particularly suitable for a business facing an extremely complex and uncertain environment d. It involves the creation of an additional organizational unit responsible for coordinating the actions of other units within the firm 5. Which of the following is the most crucial part of the annual marketing plan for ensuring proper execution? a. Action plans b. Performance review c. Objectives d. Executive summary...
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