COM2 Week 1 Assignment

COM2 Week 1 Assignment - When writing a paper challenges...

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Unformatted text preview: When writing a paper challenges are sure to arise, but how we address those issues is what makes a good writer great. One of the challenges that can occur while writing a paper is finding a topic. Following a few simple rules such as writing down a few of your interest, evaluate your audience and creating an outline can help you zone in on a good topic. Another challenge that a writer may face is staying on topic. Staying on topic is harder than it sounds, especially when you may be writing about a subject that is not particularly interesting to you. Choosing a topic that is interesting to you, writing down questions to discuss and research facts that you did not know are strategies that helps a writer stay focused. Ensuring proper grammar is used is another challenge that many authors face. Use of proper subject-verb agreement, verb tense another challenge that many authors face....
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