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Accounting Cycle Problem NAME:_______________________ Accounting 207 – 08S section:______________________ The trial balance of Alpha Graphics Corporation at January 31, 2008, follows.  You are  required to complete the accounting cycle for the month of January and compile  financial statements.  The following information should be used to complete the tasks  listed. Alpha Graphics Corporation Unadjusted Trial Balance 31-Jan-08 Account Cash 34,900 $ Short Term Investments 9,500 Accounts Receivable 25,310 Supplies 3,600 Prepaid Insurance 12,200 Prepaid Rent 13,200 Equipment 31,370 Accumulated Depreciation - Equipment 3,400 $ Accounts Payable 7,290 Unearned Service Revenue 5,300 Notes Payable 22,500 Common Stock 6,000 Retained Earnings 27,290 Dividends 5,800 Service Revenue 113,100 Miscellaneous Operating Expense 560 Salaries Expense 36,360 Travel Expenses 1,580 Computer Maintenance Expense 2,820 Equipment Leasing Expense 5,400 Utilities Expense
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accountingcycleexample Ace Consulting -...

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