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ET Case Study - Please go through the case and answer the...

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Please go through the case and answer the questions which will be uploaded soon…! Wireless division of ABC was originally a separate company as XYZ Cellular Communication Inc. In 1994 ABC acquired XYZ and renamed this wireless or cellular service division as ABC Wireless Services in 1995. By then it established its numero uno position in North America and its position was accepted globally. Wireless Services used to procure from outside manufacturers or manufacture and distribute wireless technology hardware to its customers worldwide. It always maintained its “core competence” in manufacturing. Initially the performance figures used to satisfy the management of Wireless Services But soon it started facing lot of problems, most of which are supply chain related. It started losing money and financial losses even went up to approximately twenty percent of revenue. Global presence was found to be quite scattered, not deep and stable in a specific region. Product line was also not very focused or in other words, they could not enjoy niche market. Over half of the product types were designed by others, despite ABC’s formidable design capability. In addition, more than seventy percent of products manufactured by a large network of outside manufacturers, although the company had its internal manufacturing capability. Lot of complaints and difficulties had been faced by the management in supply of right products in right time to right market. It was further felt that the strength and effectiveness of leadership is adversely affected due to executive turnover. So company decided to opt for a comprehensive process improvement exercise. SCOR methodology was implemented in step-by-step manner. The company followed a four-level approach. Level 1: Basis of Competition This step focused on “value proposition” to establish “basis for competition” or BOC. Essential steps of benchmarking had been carried out including fixation of targets and assessment of how much to improve for achievement of targets. The senior managers were first asked to compare the performance of each of the product lines of
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ET Case Study - Please go through the case and answer the...

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