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How to succeed in a new company

How to succeed in a new company - How to succeed in 30/6...

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How to succeed in 30/6 Weeks 1. Keep uniform standards VERY high a. Dry clean needed working uniforms/done fairly well, continue to get on top of dropping them off at the dry cleaners b. Get at least 2 new shirts and 2 new pants/I’m cheap… c. Get one pair of leathers done professionally/Can’t find the time d. Keep working leathers prim and shiny all the time/Coreframs! Thus I can’t keep the one pair pretty with the quickshine e. Keep one pair of whites pristine/Done a good job with this f. To buy to maintain uniform standards i. White spray paint (white shoes)/Done ii. 5 Youngster anchors/Done iii. 1 new ribbon rack and ribbons/Done iv. 1 N*/NEED v. 2 new black belts and 1 new white/1 black 1 white vi. New cover/Done g. Keep hair neat all the time/Done h. Don’t get behind on laundry/Done a much better job than last year i. Keep cover clean/Pretty good 2. Keep room clean a. Take out trash as needed (i.e. when it reaches the rim)/Very good b. Sweep before bed on Sundays and Tuesdays and Thursdays/Ehhhh. Need new swiffer things c. Keep bright works tidy/Wednesday is cleaning day!
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