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Oklahoma Notes - idiot Differences: Musical, therefore...

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Oklahoma! Similarities: Aunt Eller as an overseeing maternal figure, much more “lovable” than in the book, but still fairly true to the original Ado Annie is still socially impaired—comic relief i.e. “girl who can’t say no” Stubborn Jud is just as slow because he takes her to an open field and then she drives away leaving him alone Same riff between cowboys and farmers Aunt Eller is BADASS, she shoots puts everybody in order! Aunt Eller does everything, she is the auctioneer Riff between the two is the same, generally good natured Curly whereas the Jud is kinda an
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Unformatted text preview: idiot Differences: Musical, therefore addition of music when describing his buggy A lot more love seen from Laurey, more coy as opposed to love. .i.e. if he didnt think she liked him hed be retarded Ado Annie is much more attractive Laurey is much more independent and less of a silly young girl Laurey is a very complex character whereas in the play she was merely childish. Speaks all about dreams and she clearly seems to love Contemplates the actual future in her dream Jealously not just a cry for attention as it appears in the play...
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Oklahoma Notes - idiot Differences: Musical, therefore...

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