ACC260Week6Assignment - 1 Presentation of the CEOs Position...

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1 Presentation of the CEO’s Position Maresha Mitchell ACC/230 June 6, 2010 Thomas Scholz
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2 As the CEO of Kardell Paper Company I am here today to discuss with each group of shareholders the issue at hand. This issue is the coming to light of sonox in the Cherokee River. I will address the issue and how it is affecting each shareholder, Kardell employees, Kardell investors, City of Riverside and citizens and also Kardell legal counsel. I will also inform everyone of what the conclusion and decision of the board and I have is. First I would like to discuss the issue and the proposed solution to this issue. Kardell Paper Company produces a bleached kraft paper which sonox is used to manufacture this paper. We were informed that our reports were given to us without the high levels of sonox being reported. The reports we received also showed that local doctors were expressing their concerns with high levels of miscarriages and respiratory disorders. There is also data that suggests there is a possible link between these health issues and sonox, however there is no definite information regarding this. Mr. Jack Green has offered a solution that he thinks may work in fixing this problem. Mr. Green’s solution is to consider adopting a new technology process that recycles waste water. This will protect the environment and also reclaim waste material to be sold to chemical producers. This seems like a good solution to the problem; however the information that has to be taken in to consideration is the cost of making this change and also the price the company, investors, employees and citizens of Riverside would incur to make this happen. To take on a revamp of such nature of Kardell Paper Company it would cost approximately $70 million dollars. On top of the cost there is a possibility of the company operating at much less capacity and even the possibility of the company being closed for a year (Brooks, 2007). I would like to address the issues that the shareholders have brought to my attention.
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ACC260Week6Assignment - 1 Presentation of the CEOs Position...

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