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Alexa Bradley Soca 311 Dec. 7, 2010 Article Summary The article chosen was “The behaviors that College Students Classify as Political Bias: Preliminary Findings and Implications” by Craig Tollini. The purpose of the article was to show the findings of a survey that finds how students defined political bias from their professor’s behaviors. It was stated that if college students had a different definition of political bias than the interested parties than no real research could be done. The study was conducted as an online survey given to students at a Midwestern university in the spring semester of 2007. This method was an unobtrusive one that allowed for a wide range of participants. Tollini received 4890 valid emails from the university and 236 responded and took part in the survey. The incentive offered was the chance to win one of eight $25 gift cards to the
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Unformatted text preview: local book store. I believe he chose this method for the same reason he stated, it is cost effective, easily handled, and provides the possibility of an extremely wide range of participants. In his findings he discussed the set of behaviors mostly agreed as political bias and the ones that were viewed as not. He found that the discussion of controversial issues or politics, as well as encouragement to become involved in politics were not considered biased behaviors as once previously viewed. He feels as though his results may seem obvious, as well as sometimes contradicting, but important none the less. This study is a tool for professors to use when teaching to understand what can be taken as political bias. It is also a tool for further researchers to use as basis or to build upon with their theories and studies....
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