gantt-chart - Milestone Chart, Project Bar Chart or...

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Quality Tools Gantt Chart Description Gantt Chart Instructions Enter up to 30 tasks in the cells provided  Enter the Pecent Complete for each task.  Learn More Task Start Date Task Start Date Develop broad plan 4/3/07 14 100 Present plan to council 4/20/07 3 100 Identify team 4/20/07 30 100 Train team 5/20/07 7 100 Develop detailed plan 5/27/07 7 100 Conduct preliminary research 5/25/07 14 100 Identify key practices 6/7/07 7 100 Identify benchmark partners 5/25/07 40 25 Collect public data 6/10/07 21 50 Analyze public data 7/1/07 21 0 Identify current state 6/15/07 28 0 Develop benchmark questions 6/15/07 7 0 Visit benchmark partners 7/15/07 28 0 Develop new process 7/28/07 35 0 Present new plan to council 8/31/07 3 0 This template illustrates a Gantt Chart, also called a 
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Unformatted text preview: Milestone Chart, Project Bar Chart or Activity Chart. A detailed discussion of Gantt Charts can be found at Learn About Gantt Charts Enter the Start Date for each task and the number of days to complete it. To learn more about other quality tools, visit the ASQ Learn About Quality web site. Learn About Quality # Days Required Percent Complete # Days Required Percent Complete 14 This template was written for the American Society for Quality by Your feedback is welcome and encouraged. Please e-mail to: Stat Aids
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gantt-chart - Milestone Chart, Project Bar Chart or...

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