Week 8 Wed Oct 20 - As revised and posted after class WEEK...

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As revised and posted after class. WEEK 8 – Wed, Oct 20 DESCRIPTIVE STATISTICS and GRAPHICAL DISPLAYS (Background material is in Chapter 1) Overview of Data Types and Data Collection (Chap 1, Sec 1) Measurement processes applied to subjects or entities produce data. Usually many variables are measured for which data are recorded. You must understand the measurement process and the selection process (and the possible filtering of subjects out of the study after their selection) before you can truly evaluate the importance and usefulness of the data. Discuss and give examples of each of the following types of data. Categorical Data (sometimes coded numerically) Numerical Data Measurement Process Selection Subjects Data 1
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Numerical Data Distributions – Percentiles and Quartiles (Chap 1, Sec 2) Review of Percentiles for Probability Distributions. We learned how to get percentiles of normal distributions in Chapter 4. Recall that there we were working with random variables that take values on the line (numerical values) and the concept of a 100pth percentile, say, p = .95 for the 95 th percentile. This percentile is a position x that splits the distribution into two parts with P(X ≤ x) = .95 and P(X > x) = .05. Technically, this is a solution x to the equation F(x) = .95 where F is the cumulative distribution function of the continuous random variable. Example. N(90, 17).
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Week 8 Wed Oct 20 - As revised and posted after class WEEK...

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