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credit crisis - increase my share price I decided to invest...

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MGMT 425 – Section 13 Sang Kim Credit Crisis 004718842 During the simulation for credit crisis, I began with changing my strategic position. I lowered everything to around the low to medium level. I realized that I had no budget for investment so I decided to sell some shares. After I got money for investments I re launched the products that were mature. I tried to make sure that my inventories were 0 by raising the market budget slightly higher then it was set at originally. During the simulation, the report had said that there was an interest in companies that were focusing on CSR, so I changed my CSR position to the highest possible. After I began creating an investment budget, I bought back some shares to
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Unformatted text preview: increase my share price. I decided to invest in circular saws since the economy report had said that the economy was beginning to get better. However, two quarters later, I learned that another credit crisis hit and the economy was on a downfall. I misread the guide and thought that when the briefing stated that the economy was going to get hit by a credit crisis, I though it meant that it already had happened. If I realized early on that it meant there was going to be a credit crisis during the simulation, I would not have invested in other products that quickly....
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