Break even point � any expenditure divided by 35

Break even point � any expenditure divided by 35 -...

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Break even point – any expenditure divided by 35% is the break even point for case 2 Pie chart for advertising 3% of sales = 12 million = 360,000 = budget = 350,000 350,000 / 35% = 1 million = you need to generate this amount of business Chapter 12 Consumer goods class - Convenience o Shopper is passive, wont spend time o High frequency of purchase o Lots of substitutes o
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Unformatted text preview: POP is more important here-Shopping o Consumer is more aggressive o Will shop for the product o Lower frequency of purchase o POD is more important here-Specialty o They will look for the product o No substitutes o Low frequency o Narrow market o Shorter channels o Niche strategy Packaging-label has to be in readable and understandable terms...
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