Checkpoint Effects of Stress

Checkpoint Effects of Stress - outside issues my decline...

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Checkpoint: Effects of Stress The steps of the general adaptation syndrome I will experience in pursuing a promotion are all three. The three stages of (GAS) or the stress responses I will experience will be “the alarm reaction” my body’s first reaction to the increased workload. My body will react to the added stressors of my new position, my body will attempt to store energy and repair damage to my body in the resistance stage, and in the exhaustion stage my body has a weakened immune system and possibly succumb to illness. The emotional and cognitive effects that might be produced by this stressor will be depression and anxiety. This is going to have an effect on an increased difficulty of focusing on the new details of the job. Muscles tightening, rapid heartbeat will be experienced as anxiety which may cause be to lash out in anger at others because of the stress I am under. If the stress continues I may eat less and have indigestion from increased caffeine, my interest in
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Unformatted text preview: outside issues my decline, and I may become ill due to my weakened immune system. By not receiving proper nutrition to fight off illness, the steroids that are released during the alarm reaction “the corticosteroids” may keep my body from fighting off certain illnesses. I may be able to resolve this stressful situation by asking for help when I am feeling over whelmed and have projects that may be time consuming. Talking with my boss and asking for directions on how to deal with the added responsibilities and ways to deal with the stress. I can ask if it is ok to delegate some responsibilities in order to relieve stress on myself. I can put some pictures of calming scenes in my office and when feeling extremely pressured I can take a moment to breathe deeply and say a prayer for focus and concentration....
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Checkpoint Effects of Stress - outside issues my decline...

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