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a10 QUIZ6 ANSWERS - BB 3101 Quiz 6 Oct 7 2010 Academic...

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BB 3101 Quiz 6 Oct. 7, 2010 Academic Honesty : Quizzes are closed-book, no study aids and no help from classmates. I not only expect you to keep your eyes on your own paper, I also expect you to make a reasonable effort to keep others from seeing your paper. Letting others see your answers is cheating, too. If you suspect misconduct, please tell me. I will investigate, speak to the student(s) involved, and they will get a WARNING the first time. Your name will not come up, and you will not have caused anyone to fail the class. However, if their flying eyes, collusion, etc. persist, then they will either be failed or the matter will go to the campus hearing board Name __________________________________________email______________box#_______ Alternate seats, please. One line= 2 points rule: no matter how many blanks on a line, the line is worth two points. If there are 4 blanks, then each blank is worth ½ point. If there is just one blank, it is worth two points. 1. L4 belongs to TWO plexuses: which two? LUMBAR AND SACRAL ___ 2. His neck was broken at C6: could he breathe on his own?YES_, using what nerve?_PHRENIC 3. Radial nerve: flexors or extensors?EXTENSORS__Sciatic nerve: flexors or extensors?FLEXORS
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