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BME 2504 Lab1 description - BME 2504 A10 Lab Description...

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BME 2504 A10 Lab Description Balance control testing: can we expect reproducibility in human movement data? Overview In this laboratory you will measure and analyze the balance control of human body during standing and determine the effects of arm and leg position on the movement of the center of gravity and body stability. The laboratory will be designed and performed in groups of four students. Understanding of the lab material will be assessed by a group written laboratory report with analysis of the data collected as a team (to be clear, you will work together to do the lab, run the statistical analysis, and write the lab report, but it is considered academically dishonest if each student does not perform the test to gather his/her nine measurements and plot the results). Each student is required to learn the AccuSway user’s manual, NetForce acquisition and BioAnalysis AMTI software packages. Each student will be asked lab practicum questions before being allowed to perform the testing using the AccuSway force platform in lab. Background and objectives Consider yourself as a starting researcher working for a video game company. Your task it to make the game more realistic by adding accurate COG information for college students’ arms and legs. The company would also like to know which COG values are more reproducible between the arm and leg movements and why there would be a difference in variability. The objective of the lab is to help you learn about accuracy in finding the Center of Gravity
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BME 2504 Lab1 description - BME 2504 A10 Lab Description...

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