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BB 3101quiz 2 Sept 11, 2008 ANSWERS Skullcrackers : 1. NAME ANY TWO of 3 bones are part of the cranium AND part of the eyesocket AND have sinuses in them…………_ FRONTAL__ SPHENOID ___ ETHMOID _(any two) 2.It's the facial bone that your nose cartilage is attached to, divides your nasal cavity VOMER 3. How many pairs of false ribs, and how many pairs of "true" ribs do you have? false_ 3 ( or :5)_true_ 7_ 4.. When a baby's fontanel closes up, the joints that form are called _______________ SUTURES____ 5.The crystalline part of our bones is made of Calcium and … PHOSPHATE (or HYDROXYAPATITE)__ 6.Growth plates at the ends of long bones, which will eventually harden and prevent further elongation, are are called. EPIPHYSES (OR EPIPHYSEAL PLATES OR LINES)__, made of _ CARTILAGE 7.Nose, rib, and articular cartilage is the smooth shiny kind called _ HYALINE made by CHONDROcytes 8. The cartilage that is in the knee meniscus and intervertebral disks_ FIBRO -_made by _ FIBROBLASTS_ 9. Name the two bones, both in the neck region, and within inches of each other, where:
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