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BB 3101quiz 2 Sept 11, 2008 ANSWERS Skullcrackers : 1. NAME ANY TWO of 3 bones are part of the cranium AND part of the eyesocket AND have sinuses in them…………____________ __ _______________ ____________ _(any two) 2.It's the facial bone that your nose cartilage is attached to, divides your nasal cavity ____________ 3. How many pairs of false ribs, and how many pairs of "true" ribs do you have? false____true______ 4.. When a baby's fontanel closes up, the joints that form are called _______________ 5.The crystalline part of our bones is made of Calcium and …____________ 6.Growth plates at the ends of long bones, which will eventually harden and prevent further elongation, are are called. ____________ made of _____________ 7.Nose, rib, and articular cartilage is the smooth shiny kind called ______________ made by ________cytes 8. The cartilage that is in the knee meniscus and intervertebral disks_______ -_made by ______________ 9. Name the two bones, both in the neck region, and within inches of each other, where:
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