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BB 3101 Quiz 1 Sept 3,2009 ANSWER KEY ALTERNATE SEATS!! !27 questions, 2 points each. If 2 blanks are on the same line, each blank=1 point PART I. We had a BLAST AT THE CYTE: NAME the cell that is described and then give the LETTER that corresponds to its picture: 1. found in lacunae spaces in bone_________letter___ 2. can become highly cancerous____________letter____ 3. can become cancerous but doesn't spread_________ letter____ 4.Make cartilage_________letter____ 5. Make Collagen___________letter___ 6. The tissue type that is very extracellular_________how much? At least ____ 7. How much of Billy (to the nearest 9%), is covered by his long-sleeved shirt? ____ 8. shape of cells from top layer of skin and the breathing surfaces of the lungs ________ 9. Root plexus and Pacinian corpuscle are both this Type of tissue _______ 10. Brain cells that don't conduct impulses, but act as packing material, insulate, eat debris, and suck up excess ions are the _________ SIZE it up: your choices for questions 10 and 11 are:
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