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iBB 3101 Quiz 3, Sept. 17 2004 Name__ ANSWERS _box#_____email____________ 27 questions, 2 points each. Gibson's rule: 2 blanks on the same line count as one question, i.e., one point for each blank on the same line. Two points for a single blank on a line by itself. 1. second and third class levers at __ ________________ 2. where are PARALLEL and CONVERGING MUSCLES? ________________ 3.The structure at F: name it and tell what it does: Name_ ________________ 4, M: the bump is called a ? Is this one Medial or Lateral? Name ________________ 5. If you were replacing F with a ceramic, what would it be made of? ________________ 6. What is the plastic used in joint repairs? If it wears and flakes, it causes a complication, which is: Plastic name_ ________________ _problem from wear ________________ 7. letter and name of bone that articulates with TIBIA navicular, and calcaneus_ ________________ 8. What is the name of the muscle shape found at Q?. ..... ________________ 9. The ion released at A is. .? What letter does it bind to ?? ion
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