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A06 - BB 3101 Quiz 3 Sept 14 2006 Name_box_email 27...

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BB 3101 Quiz 3, Sept. 14 2006 Name________________________box#_____email____________ 27 questions, 2 points each. Gibson's rule: 2 blanks on the same line count as one question, i.e., one point for each blank on the same line. Two points for a single blank on a line by itself. The name of the neuromuscular transmitter chemical is _____letter TYPO!!! NO ANSWER REQUIRED 1. The usual reason for total joint replacement is the pain and damage caused by 2. Of hip replacements, the material(s) that last longest are? and most commonly used are?? Longest lasting _ ____________ ____ most common_______________________ 3.your choices: more vs. bigger, -trophy vs. -rplasia : Exercise or steroids make muscles grow bigger by making more vs.bigger _________________________ 4. the chemical vesicles shown at D (there are 2 pix. of D)contain__ ____________ ______ 5. What is letter C and what is inside it? ____________________ __contains __________________ 6. The wrapping at G is the ENDOMYSIUm. So is the FIBER
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