A09 quiz 4 for A10 Quiz 3-1

A09 quiz 4 for A10 Quiz 3-1 - 12 LACTIC ACID is made when...

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BB 3101 Quiz 4 Sept. 24, 2009 Name ANSWER KEY NON- BLUE questions could be on quiz 3 3 The bone that is the insertion point for muscles whose origins are: stylo,genio,myo,sterno, and thyro. ............... __ HYOID_ What does GENIO- mean?__ CHIN zygomaticus, frontalis, depressor anguli oris, orbicularis oculi, orbicularis oris, buccinator, risorius, scalenes, corrugator superciliaris masseter, platysma, 5. Furrows the forehead CORRUGATOR SUPERCILIARIS purses the mouth _ ORBICULARIS ORIS 7. He smiled at his dinner date using his? But his smiley face turned down when the check came. The muscles used (from the list): _ ZYGOMATICUS_ & _ DEPRESSOR ANGULI ORIS_ 9. One chews powerfully and the other keeps your cheeks from bugging out like a squirrel with a mouth full of acorns. ........ chewer._ _ MASSETER _______anti-bugger__ _BUCCINATOR_______ End of muscle mania; BEGIN PICTURE QUESTIONS AND MUSCLES YOU MUST NAME YOURSELF
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Unformatted text preview: 12 LACTIC ACID is made when there is no oxygen present, from2 atoms of _ HYDROGEN __+ a molecule of PYRUVIC ACID_____ Your choices for the next 3 questions are: Shape, bone name, function, Origin and insertion (you can write OI). Tell me how each of these muscles is named; You should still be able to figure these out even if you never heard of them before! 17.Occipitalis BONE__ Extensor digitorum FUNCTION_____ 18. Zygomaticus__ BONE__Trapezius and Rhomboideus__ SHAPE 19. Adductor Magnus__ FUNCTION__ Pubococcygeus__ OI (ORIGIN AND INSERTION)______ End of shapes,OI, etc. choices 26. Muscles use up their very small store of ATP within seconds: what is the first source of phosphate they use to make more ATP from ADP? CREATINE PHOSPHATE (ONE POINT FOR EACH WORD)...
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