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Nerve words to know for quiz 4, A10 From Nerves 1 and Nerves 2. pptx myelin, nodes of ranvier, saltatory conduction, epsp (excitatory postsynaptic potential), action potential, voltage- and chemically gated ion channels. Bouton, Ca++ influx, calmodulin, AChR, ACh esterase Serotonin/SSRI Catecholamines/MAOI Gap junctions/electrical synapses, Glu vs. GABA (hint: amino acids, one is an upper, one a downer, one can be made from the other), what is a METABOTROPIC
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Unformatted text preview: response to a neurotransmitter? What is a second messenger (e.g., G proteins) NERNST EQUATION FOR RESTING POTENTIAL 58mV(log 10 ) X [K + out ] /[ K + in ] EXAMPLE: 1 OUT/100 IN= 10-2 Log 10 of 10-2 is -2, so X 58 mV = -116 mV Don’t forget the MINUS SIGN!!! Team presentations: MG, what is a cholinesterase inhibitor, DMD inheritance pattern, what is dystrophin? MS (maybe)...
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