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QUIZ_5_A10 NERVE WORDS_TO_KNOW-3 - SIGN Location and...

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QUIZ 5 NERVOUS SYSTEM WORDS TO KNOW Know the following words: axon, dendrite, soma, glial cell, schwann cell, oligodendrocyte, microglia, astrocyte,blood-brain barrier, cerebrospinal fluid, ,myelin, nodes of ranvier, saltatory conduction, epsp AND ipsp (excitatory and inhibitory postsynaptic potential), action potential, voltage- and chemically gated ion channels, lobes of the cerebrum and major function associated with each lobe. The 12 cranial nerves: name and whether sensory or motor. Yes, there will be another question about the NERNST EQUATION FOR RESTING POTENTIAL 58mV(log 10 ) X[K + ou t] /[ K + in ] EXAMPLE: 1OUT/100 IN= 10 -2 Log 10 of 10 -2 is -2, so X 58 mV =-116 mV Don’t forget the MINUS
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Unformatted text preview: SIGN!!! Location and function of cerebellum; ventricles; location of thalamus, hypothalamus(=diencephalon). gray matter, white matter, nucleus, ganglion Spinal nerves: mixed nerve, sensory and motor tracts, pyramidal tracts, dorsal root ganglia, anterior horn motor neurons. Nerve regions: cervical (8 instead of 7 as with vertebrae) thoracic, lumbar, sacral. PLEXUSES cervical brachial lumbar sacral. You will not have to know which vertebral segments contribute to which of the plexuses till quiz 6 From team presentations: Dopamine, Substantia Nigra, Crystal Meth,Cocaine (source and mode of action) MS, Phineas Gage’s frontal lobe, Alzheimer’s, Tay-Sachs, TBI...
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