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ANSWERS A06QUIZ 6 -1 - BB 3101 Quiz 6 Oct 5 2006...

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BB 3101 Quiz 6 Oct. 5. 2006 Name__ ANSWERS ___box#_____email_________ Today, team questions are not identified as a group, will be found among the appropriate topics 1. Parkinson's disease occurs when this area of the brain stops making a particular neurotransmitter: Brain area_ SUBSTANTIA NIGRA _neurotransmitter___ DOPAMINE_ _ 2. Brain enzymes can make the neurotransmitter (question 1) from this drug: L- DOPA OR LEVADOPA 3. The rubrospinal tract: circle one of each: motor or sensory, afferent or efferent 4. Melatonin is made by this thing in the brain : letter G name _ _ PINEAL GLAND (BODY, ETC.) __ 5. Without this brain part all your movements would be jerky and sloppy letter_ C _ name_ CEREBELLUM 6. Pain is transmitted by circle one:( phasic, tonic, non-adapting ) nerves that release neurotransmitter : SUBSTANCE P 7. circle one:Pacinian corpuscle ( phasic, tonic, non-adapting ) circle one:Muscle spindle: ( phasic, tonic, non-adapting ) 8. Stiff shoe soles can prevent tearing the _ METATARSAL-PHALANGEAL _joint (DON’T NEED NUMBER) 9. Fill in the words: R EST I CE _ C OMPRESSION __ E
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