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Which of the following animals is a vertebrate? lamprey lancelet sea squirt hagfish all are vertebrates According to Figure 34.40 in your textbook, the time period when the greatest number of hominin species were living simultaneously was _____. 1.75 mya 1.0 mya 3.5 mya 2.4 mya 5.0 mya Over the evolution of early mammals, two bones of the jaw (the quadrate and the articular) were remodeled to become _____. specialized for sound transmission differentiated teeth primitive mammary glands the temporal fenestra the stapes The extraembryonic membranes are four critical components of _____. the amniotic egg the marsupial marsupium oviparous, ovoviviparous, and viviparous shark reproduction
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Unformatted text preview: the lateral line system hagfish slime glands In the course of testing the safety of a new drug, a drug manufacturer found that the offspring of pregnant rats who had been injected with the drug showed deformities in their teeth and the bones of their skulls. These rat pups also exhibited visual and other sensory deficits. Based on this, the drug was classified as a teratogen (developmental mutagen) that affected the _____. neural crest cells Hox3 gene chorion ability of the embryonic ectoderm to roll into the neural tube notochord...
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