However in britain the legal maxim caveat emptor let

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Unformatted text preview: evenge and win large sums in damages by suing the suppliers of goods and services. Smokers sue tobacco companies for not having given them enough warning about the dangers of smoking tobacco. The obese have even taken fastfood restaurants to court to claim damages for making them overweight. Some unscrupulous customers actually tamper with products, for example, by adding glass to prepared foods, so they can make fraudulent claims against manufacturers. CONSUMERISM It is undoubtedly true that we live in a consumer society – one where we are encouraged to buy and consume on a scale never before witnessed. Alongside this, consumerism has been developing: this is the protection of consumers’ interests. President Kennedy issued a consumer’s bill of rights in 1962, and although it never See the ProFile Student’s site: Photocopiable © Oxford University Press...
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