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employment - ProFile 2 UNIT 3 Employment SECTORS OF THE...

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Photocopiable © Oxford University Press product changes hands, as is the case in tourism, insurance, or training. By remaining in the forefront of these industries, Britain has managed to redress the problems caused by the erosion of its industrial sector. SERVICES UNDER ATTACK Despite the large number of people employed in services, they are no longer immune to foreign competition and the effects of globalization. Lots of back-office functions have been sent to far-away countries thanks to developments in telephony and Internet technology. In Britain, many call centres, which appeared such a beacon of hope for areas of high unemployment, have closed their doors as their functions have moved halfway across the globe. WHAT ROLE FOR MANUFACTURING? With the global adoption of intermediate technologies used in areas such as textiles and footwear, these traditional industries have all but disappeared in Western European countries.
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