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Unformatted text preview: ProFile 2 UNIT 12 Ethics ADVERTISING ADBUSTERS A key area for ethical considerations in business is advertising. Companies are faced with the prospect of needing to advertise their products in a competitive world, but seeking the shock factor may easily backfire and damage an otherwise popular brand. Adbusters is a Canadian-based organization which is one of the advertising industry’s most severe critics. They have produced a number of memorable ‘un-commercials’ which parody real advertisements. By its very nature, however, advertising can be a source of concern for some people. Opponents of advertising might see it as a malign, manipulative force which symbolizes all that is bad about the consumer society. This might even be codified into a legal restriction. For example, in Sweden advertising aimed at children younger than twelve is not permitted on television. COMPAR ATIVE ADVERTISING More serious problems emerge when advertising stretches across national boundaries. In some sports, teams are sponsored by tobacco companies and have their sponsor’s products including cigarette brand names prominently displayed on their clothing or around the stadiums where they practice. This creates a real legal problem where the sport is to be shown on television in another country where advertising of this type is prohibited. It is the international nature of sport and its ability to be projected across national boundaries that makes it such a desirable medium for sponsors of more controversial products. Nevertheless, for others advertising is a creative and ingenious art form. While word of mouth, and personal recommendation are the best – and cheapest – form of advertising, most of us would agree on the importance of advertising in informing the public. See the ProFile Student’s site: Comparative advertising, which overtly compares the advertised product favourably against competitors, is common in the USA, but illegal in some countries, such as France. ASA While there are laws governing advertising, self-regulating bodies such as the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) are responsible for policing the industry and ensuring that advertisements are legal, decent, honest, and truthful. PRODUCT PLACEMENT Product placement is putting examples of your product in TV programmes and films. A famous and successful example is BMW’s payment to have their cars appearing in the James Bond films. Product placement can have a beneficial effect in that it is a key means for independent film makers to raise funding for their projects. However, it is also tightly controlled and forbidden from programmes made by certain broadcasters, particularly those which are publicly funded. Photocopiable © Oxford University Press ...
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