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quality - ProFile 1 UNIT 3 Quality While businesses have...

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Photocopiable © Oxford University Press KAIZEN Kaizen is a Japanese term meaning continuous improvement. It might entail the use of quality circles. These are regular meetings where employees at different levels gather to discuss frankly how quality can be improved by making ongoing small improvements. BENCHMARKING Benchmarking is improving performance by imitating the best practice currently available in a sector. For instance, a failing European motorcycle company might copy the practices of its Japanese competitors. Benchmarking can also be practised within an organization. For example, customer satisfaction could be improved throughout a chain of similar stores by copying the practices of another branch of the group. A retail outlet with high sales per square metre (a common measure in retail) would act as a model for other similar stores. EXTERNAL CRITERIA Quality might be assessed via external criteria, such as those described by the International Standards Organization. Over a hundred
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