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reputations - ProFile 3 UNIT 12 Reputations A brand is...

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Photocopiable © Oxford University Press USPs Most successful and long-lasting brands have a unique selling point (USP) or some quality which sets it apart. The Dyson vacuum cleaner is bag-less, for example, while Ray-Ban glasses provide aviator-level eye protection against the sun. Without a USP, a brand will probably fail to differentiate itself from other similar products on the market. Contrary to popular belief, it is the first brand to establish a strong identity within a market which usually succeeds the best. BRAND-STRETCHING Brands can be stretched to include other products or services with greater or lesser degrees of success. Richard Branson’s Virgin brand with its image promise of quality and fun has been stretched to encompass the music business, transatlantic travel, and cola-based soft drinks. PEOPLE AS BRANDS Top sportspeople and personalities are brands in their own right. Tiger Woods and David Beckham can both be considered as brands.
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