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timeismoney - ProFile 1 UNIT 8 Time is money Over the past...

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Photocopiable © Oxford University Press TIME AND EMAIL The big advantage of email and the Internet is that it is far easier to keep in contact with the workplace, colleagues, and customers even while on the move. Most business travellers these days have roving email addresses which allow them to stay in contact wherever they are. Wi-Fi and mobile technology have in effect allowed each person to have a virtual office from their car or lap-top. It does, however, raise many questions about the value and usefulness of some of the communications. Even though email may have improved the immediacy of communication, many people claim that it wastes far more time than it saves. They are bombarded with unnecessary, or irrelevant emails and memory-hungry images. Office workers complain that they have to waste time each day getting rid of so-called spam messages. In order to save time, most businesses sieve email messages through spam filters.
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