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Fast Track MBO BCN year 1 reader - Business Communication...

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Business Communication reader Year 1 Fast Track MBO, July 2009 Foreword: This is the Business Communication reader for year 1 IBMS Fast track MBO Business Communication (BCN) is the subject in which English is taught as the means of communication in a business setting. In this first year, the first two years of the BCN programme of the regular stream have been compressed, by selecting the most relevant elements of this programme. It looks like this: Block 1: Basic Presentation Skills and Grammar. Block 2: Business Correspondence and Meeting Techniques (including the Language of Meetings, and Writing Minutes) Block 3: Business Correspondence continued and Persuasive Presentations Block 4: Negotiating Skills and Advanced Writing. Students in the fast track get 7 ECTS worth for Competencies Acquired Elsewhere. We assume that students have acquired skills in: Report Writing (worth 3 ECTS) Basic Writing skills (1 ECT) Basic Speaking/Pronunciation (3 ECTS) Students are expected to be able to prove that they have these skills. As this is the fast track , students are expected to take initiative, be curious and be able to act and study independently, carrying out tasks as described in the reader, and explained (and added to) further in class. If not, the speed necessary to finish this condensed programme would be impossible. Good luck Your BCN lecturer 1
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Business Communication reader Year 1 Fast Track MBO, July 2009 The BCN Programme/ Table of Contents: Block 1: Module Descriptions------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 Group Presentations, a practical course (Speak Like a Pro): Course Programme Speak like a Pro------------------------------------------------- 7 Grammar: a) Modals-------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10 b) Indefinite Pronouns---------------------------------------------------------- 13 c) Relative Clauses-------------------------------------------------------------- 17 d) Adverbs/Adjectives/Comparison------------------------------------------- 18 Block 2: Module Descriptions------------------------------------------------------------------- 21 Business Correspondence Study material: Introduction----------------------------------------------------------- 26 Lay out of business letters------------------------------------------------------------ 41 Direct requests------------------------------------------------------------------------- 45 Application Letters And CVs-------------------------------------------------------- 49 Meeting Techniques Introduction to Meeting techniques-------------------------------------------------- 55 The Language of Meetings------------------------------------------------------------- 56 Writing Minutes------------------------------------------------------------------------- 59 Block 3: Module Descriptions------------------------------------------------------------------- 65 Business Correspondence continued Bad-News Messages-------------------------------------------------------------------
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This note was uploaded on 12/12/2010 for the course RBS BCN taught by Professor Dekoe during the Spring '10 term at Rotterdam Business School.

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Fast Track MBO BCN year 1 reader - Business Communication...

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