money - money Financial VOCABULARY A SU CCESS FU L What do...

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Unformatted text preview: money Financial VOCABULARY A SU CCESS FU L What do you think makes a successful investor? Rank the things in the box from 1 to 7. WV ESTO R ? Add any other things which you think are important. a long—term strategy good luck courage caution quick thinking good timing good advice TH E TU P F0 UR The UK’S Independent newspaper of 199.96 described the four men below as the world’s most successful iHVCStOI‘S. Read the rofiles and decide which of the above uaiities were 3331? P 9 most important for each of these four men. 5” = [71.111972 m = mu’lzon Perhaps the most outstanding investor of recent times is WARREN BUFFET of Omaha, Nebraska. He started in 1956 with $100 and is today one of the world’s richest men, with a personal fortune of more than $8.5 bn. He did it by careful, long-term investment in simple, mass-market companies. it’s a strategy that has outperformed the Dow Jones industrial average in every year since 1956. SIR JOHN TEMPLETON turned a £10,000 investment in 1954 into more than £300 to. He did this as a result of “investing at the time of maximum pessimism” — in other words, moving againstcurrent investment fashions. He bought when stock markets were lowest and sold when they rose. SIR JAMES GOLDSMITH is worth around 21.15 bn. He made his money as an asset stringer, but he kept it because of his sense of timing. He _ _ anticipated the financial gashof 1974, the boom of the early 19803 and the 7 great stock market crash of 1987. GEORGE SOROS’S Curacao-based Quantum Fund has produced a return of almost 35 per cent a year over 26 years, the greatest growth fund in history. A stake of £1,000 invested with Some in 1969 would be worth £2.15 to today. Most famously, Soros made £1 bn by selling sterling just before it was devalued (after leaving the European exchange rate mechanism), and then buying it back. A FEW DEFINITIONS GOOD TIMES BAD TIMES SHARES AND CURRENCIES INVESTMENT AND YOU Look again at the texts and match the underlined words to these definitions: 1 reduced in value 2 has done better than 3 thinking that whatever happens will be had 4 money that is risked in a business ‘5 2 3 9E? as 5 a sudden collapse 6 a person who buys an unsuccessful company, sells its most valuable parts and then closes it down. Look at the list of words and phrases on the boom expansion right. Which are associated with success and which are associated with failure? Add any other words or phrases that you can think of. Mark which of these sentences are true and which are false. 1 During the slump of the 19303, there was a lot of unemployment and high inflation in many countries. 2 The decline of the Japanese economy since World \X/ar Two has been extraordinary. 3 The 19503 was a golden age for the American economy. 4 The oil crisis of the 19705 led to a period of expansion for most Western countries. 5 The 1987 stock market boom was the worst financial disaster for many years. 6 Investment bankers made huge amounts of money during the bear market of the mid 19905. Replace one word in each of the false sentences with words from the list above to make true sentences. 3% Now use some of the words and phrases to talk about the following: E the economy of your country over the past twenty years E the history of your company. Build two vocabulary networks exchange rate EMU spot rate sterling Nikkei stock market around these topics: 1 currency 2 shares. Use the words and phrases on the right and then add any others that you know. Dow Jones K. Work in small groups and explain the meanings of the words and phrases. You have £1,000 to invest. Look again at the four successful investors opposite. Who would you give your money to? Explain why. ...
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money - money Financial VOCABULARY A SU CCESS FU L What do...

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