Lecture4 - Lecture 4 Binary Arithmetic Unsigned Integers...

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Lecture 4 Binary Arithmetic Unsigned Integers Memory addresses are unsigned integers. If memory address (of a location) is 16 bit, then addresses would run from 0x0000 to 0xFFFF. There are no signed or negative addresses. Addition of Unsigned Integers Simply add the bits: 101 + 1001 = 1110 . The result may not fit in the allocated number of bits (in this case 4). The extra bit is carried over to a carry bit (if one is allocated). Signed Binary Integers Positive and negative integers. This is how a computer stores or represents integers in a memory word. There are 3 types of signed binary integers: A. Signed magnitude B. 1’s complement C. 2’s complement Processor must be able to add or subtract these numbers very easily.
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A. Signed Magnitude Leftmost bit in the word is the sign bit . ‘0’ for positive numbers, ‘1’ for negative numbers. Remaining bits hold the absolute value of the number ( e.g ., 8-bit word: 1 bit for sign, 7 bits for value). Example: 8-bit numbers. This includes 1 bit for the sign. 01001011 +75 10 10001111 -15 10 Addition: 7 10 + 12 10 = 19 10 0111 + 1100 = 1 0011 The 1 is an extra carry (note that the sign Subtraction: 9 10 6 10 = 3 10 1001 – 0110 = 0011 bit is not shown in these two examples) What happens if the result is < 0? How do we store negative numbers? Problems: There are two representations for zero: A ‘positive’ zero (0 000 0000) and a ‘negative’ zero (1 000 0000). Addition of 2 positive numbers is straightforward.
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Lecture4 - Lecture 4 Binary Arithmetic Unsigned Integers...

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