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9 - Chapter 1 Review 9 General Review Guide Chapter 1...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 1 Review 9 General Review Guide: Chapter 1 Compound Slat-smoote - What is astetement? (p. s) I prsnd q are statements, how deyousynibolise ‘p but 9” and “neitherpnor o"? (p. 3) e Whatdoesthenotationagzdihmean? (p. 4} e What is the conjunction of statements pend q? (p. .5) I What is the disjunct‘mn of statements p and q? (p. ii} a What arethetruthtabledEHJflti-ons for-unpas. qu,p-—rq, ande- e? (as. 5, s. is, at) a How do you construct a truth table tor a general oompound statement? (p. f} e Whnt is exclusive or? {pt ‘3'} - What is a teeming. and what is a contradiction? (in. Is) I What is a conditions: statement? (3:. 13,} - Given; conditional statement, what is its hypothmis {antecedent}? conclusion {consequent}? {1). It? a What is a hieonditional statement? (p. 24) I What is the order of operations for the logical operators? (1:. 24‘} Logical Equivalence e What does it mean for two statement forms to he logically equivalent? (p. 3} o How do you test to see whether two statement forms are logicallyr equivalent? (p. 9) a How do you annotate a truth table to explain how it shows that two statement forms are or are not logically equivalent? (p. 9') I What is the double negative property? (p. 9} e What are De Morgan‘s laws? (p. It!) I HowieTheoreleJused toshowthattwostatententfiormsarelogicaflyeqniraieut? (p. 14} I What are negations for the following forms of statements? (pp. II, H, 24!!) 'thi 'PV'l' - s -+ 9 (if s then s} Converse, Inverse. Contrepoeitive o What is the oontraposititre ofa statement of the form n‘I’i'pn then if“? (p. E!) a What are the converse and inverse of a statement ofthe form “He then q”? (p. as; I Can you express convenes, inst-mes. and contrapositires of eonfiitional statements in ordinary English? (p. 31-33} a lie oonditional statement is true, can its converse also be true? {p 2.9) e Given a oonditional stat—Int and its omrtraposititre. converse, and inverse. which of these are logically equivalent and which are not? {11. 23} -' Rosemary and Suficient Conditions, Only If a What does it mean to say that somethingis true only ifsomething else is true? (p. 23) a How are stat-alts about only—if statements translated into ii-thcto tot-in? (p. 23} e What does it mean to say that something is a necessary condition for something else? (p. 25,1 e What does it mean to say that smoothing is a sufficient oondition for something else? (p. 35,1 ...
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