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11 - Chapter 1 Review'11 Binary and Hmdecimal Notation I...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 1 Review '11 Binary and Hmdecimal Notation I Howdoyoutransform positive integersfi'omdeeimaltohinary notationandthe reverse? (1:. 59) How do you add and subtract integers using limos-3|r notation? (p. 50) What is a half-adder? (p. til) What is a hill—adder? (1:. d2) What is the 8-bit two's oomplement ofan integerinhinary notation? (p. dd) Hoar do you find the 3-bit two's complement of a panties integer a that is at most 255? (p. a} a Hoar do you find the decimal representation of the integer with a. given 8—bit two's complement? (it 65) o How are negative integers represent-ed using two's complements? (p. Eli} a How is eamputer addition with negative integers performed? (pp. it'd-ft?) a How do you transform positive integers from hexadecimal to decimal notation? (p. TI} o How do you transfiurm positive integers from binary to hexadecimal notation and the means? (a. TE) . not: a note] notation? (p. m I...- Test Your Understanding: Chapter 1 Thstyourselibyfliiingintbeblanhs. 1. Astatesneutis_. 2.1fpandqarestatements,thestatement “photo" issymholiaedfig 3. prandqmststements, the statemmtt “neitherplsuitor"I issymbolised _. 4. Anondstatementistrueif,andonljrif, hothoomponeutsare_. 5. Anorstateinentisfalseif.andonlyif,bothoomponentsare__. 6' Anif-i‘henstatementisfalseil',andunlyif.itshypothmisia_anditspouclusiouia_. T. Astetementofthefonnpt—rqistrueif,andonl}rif _. 5 .Ii'a logicalenqareasion tuclndeatbssrmbolsw. our V,fifitl—l-0r Handthe messioudoos not include parentheses, then the first operation to be performed is , the second is , and the third is _. To indicate the order of operations for an expression that includes both A and V orhoth —I and H, it ist':l'equent13.rmoment-3|r toaddh___. 9. A. tautoiogy is for ever}r substitution of statements for the statement variables. 1!]. A contradiction is for every substitution of statements for the statement variables. 11.Twosmtanentformsuehgicaflyeqmvflentfi,andonlyfl,theirtruthmlnmare for every substitution of statements for the statement sarishlea. 12. Leas formal torsion: Two statement forms are logicallyr eqlfiiralent if. and only if. their alwairs have 13. Two statement forms are not logically equivalent if. and only if. . ...
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